Platinum Finance

Dynamic usage of deposit fees.

Information concerning deposit fees.

What does dynamic usage mean?

Our idea is to listen to our community. Daily pinned polls will be created in our Telegram to understand what our investors desire the most, and after team consideration, we will be using what is most requested. We believe that this way, we will be able to provide the utility that our investors desire the most for our token.

Deposit fee distribution

  • 30% will be used as how our community sees fit. This will include dividend rounds, with Telegram polls running to decide the pools, and any other innovative ways to adapt to the market situation of Platinum.
  • 70% will be used to fund our marketing campaigns, infrastructure and team salary.
10% PLATIN commission from minting will be used exclusively for future partnerships with other farms and vaults. None of this commission will ever be sold, which would negatively affect the price of the PLATIN token.