Platinum Finance

Contract security


Masterchef + AutoPLATIN contract security:

Since our Masterchef contract is a fork of PolyCat/PolyYeld/Goose, it has already been audited by the appropriate auditors. A Techrate check will be conducted before farming launch. Concerning our AutoPLATIN contract, it is a fork of PancakeSwap's CAKE vault contract.
We have submitted our contracts for a TechRate check. It will be updated here as soon as we receive the results.
TechRate check (says PlatinToken, but it is for our MasterChef)

Future vault contract security:

As we all know, LP vaults are inherently riskier and provide a greater risk of exploitation. For this reason, before our LP vaults update is deployed, we will be contacting an auditing firm to review before the launch.